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DHL Supply Chain

5 Feb 2017
DHL Supply Chain

DHL is one of the largest transporters in the world. For many years now, SkyClean has been a partner when it comes to the cleaning of the facades of their logistical centres. Both in the Netherlands and abroad. The logistical centre of the DHL Supply Chain in Eindhoven, the Netherlands was due for a facade refreshing at the beginning of this year. The SkyClean operational team had completed cleaning the surface area of 5,000 square meters in under 1 week. One of the reasons why DHL trusts SkyClean it the speed at which vast facade surface areas are cleaned. Thanks to this, DHL’s 24-hour logistical process suffered hardly any or no delay at all. And if ‘speed’ is one of your unique features, then it is good to know that your partner understands this as well.

And we at SkyClean certainly do.

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